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Disability Insurance Quotes

Most people are more expected to consider taking care of their families after they die than taking care of themselves especially if they’ve become disabled. Just think about it – if you were injured so severely that you could no longer support yourself, how would you be able to financially and physically support the ones relying on you? In financial terms, disability is potentially more bane than dying. If you’re dead, you have no further expenses to shoulder and definitely no financial worries on your family’s part. Whereas if you’re disabled, you’re not only incapable of doing your everyday chores but your expenses maybe way steeper, depending on the type of medical care and services you’re required to undertake.

What is disability insurance and who needs it?

If you’re fatally ill or badly injured, this type of insurance trades a fraction of the salary you were making before you became disabled and incapable to work. Those who are single and do not belong to a particular firm or company should earnestly consider disability policies especially if there are no financial support to count on or there are no other sources to depend on should you become sick. Even if you have a partner to support some of your finances, you still need to consider whether you and your family could survive contentedly without your earnings.

Who QualiFies for Disability Insurance?

Qualifications will largely depend on your age and when you become disabled. Conditions considered “disabling” are as follows:

  • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and other related diseases

  • Loss of limb function

  • Cancer

  • Heart disease or chronic obstructive lung disease and other conditions that might cause an outcome of prolonged loss of heart or lung strength.

  • Brain disease such as attenuation of memory, intellect, observation, judgment and other types of analytical thinking concerning mainly the brain.

  • Muteness, deafness, and blindness among others.

What Should You Look for in a Disability Policy?

If at all possible, you should have coverage that would pay you at least 50-70 percent of your takings after an accident that leaves you immobilize and unable to continue with your current occupation. It should cover you in all cases of accidents, illnesses, and the like. It should also guarantee renewable policy as well as residual benefit protection. If your policy has the above-mentioned protection and coverage, you are assured that you have dependable and quality disability insurance by your side.