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When the birth announcement first crossed your desk, the urge to get that big bike has surely piqued your curiosity to purchase and have one for yourself. If this is the scenario, you must keep in mind that it’s not enough that you buy, upgrade and accessorize your bike, for the most important thing falls on giving your Yamaha, Harley’s New Fat Bob, or that trendy Red Knuckle Bobber the right motorcycle insurance it deserves.

Finding the most competitive and economical price for your money may not be an easy feat. If this is the case, it pays that you employ wide-ranging search to finally stumble upon the best insurance quotes, coverage, and other insurance crux of the matter for your motorcycle. The standard types of coverage that form part of your motorcycle policy speaks about an insured’s particular claims and it might be convenient to recall them in the words that follow:

Total losses - Bear in mind that insurance isn’t always about the cost and shopping around for quotes, that’s so old school. There are some considerations with the likes of total losses that need to be taken account. When a motorcycle is so badly damaged that the total amount meant for repairs goes beyond its value, your insurance company will automatically employ the right bestowed upon them by the conventional policy wording to generate cash payments equivalent to the value of your motorcycle, but is also subject to policy limits.

Theft claims - This is one coverage that a policyholder should look for when purchasing motorcycle insurance. If the motorcycle happens to be an expensive and unusual one, it may be well worthwhile notifying the motorcycle manufacturer of the loss by providing them of information such as the engine and chassis number as well as the registration number. Occasionally, a policyholder receives payment for the theft, but perhaps after a little negotiation. However, you must keep in mind that it is customary to rule out liability for loss of accessories and spare parts especially if they aren’t fixed in your bike at the time the incident happened.

Mechanical breakdown - This is another coverage that you should clarify with your obligee (insurance company). However, most policy excludes from its scope mechanical or electrical breakdown, as well as engine failures. A claim for damage from this cause can present major complexities. Some insurers intend to exclude claims not attributable to accident as identified with its popular sense. So you really have to be aware of what you’re signing before you purchase a motorcycle policy. Keep in mind; only where the mechanical breakdown has brought about the damage from extraneous sources does the policy provide indemnity.

Knock for knock agreement - Another type of insurance claims that you should likewise ask your agent about. Most insurers have this standard form of claims as more and more motorcycles are projected for insurance, with subsequent quantities of claims, while the scope of knock for knock agreement is persistently tending towards extension. This type of agreement is deemed to be both advantageous to the insured and the insurer. To the insured, it enables reduction of cost in terms of claims to ultimately lower an entire insurance rate for the consuming public to utilize. To the insurer, because a means is obtained in settling claims on an amicable basis through the avoidance of litigation and further court proceedings.